Web-Development: Cheapest hardware setup go get you started

Are you looking for one of the cheapest hardware setups to get you started as a web-developer? This is for you.


How to run a webserver for development in seconds

As a web developer you have to run a local webserver from time to time. I show you how to run a webserver for development in seconds with no dependencies but Docker.


72+ Great Sources for Web Icons

As a web developer you need great web icons to polish your projects. Find all you need in this ultimate list of 72+ great sources for web icons.


100 Days Of Code

For the next 100 days I will code for at least an hour every day. I've decided to make this a public commitment. And you should join me.


Welcome to my multi-language website

In the last days I made some modifications to my static website generator and now I am proud to enable multi-language support. Time to say "Hello"!



Hi! My Name is Bastian. I am a Software-Developer & IT-Freelancer located in Germany.

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